1. For the first question we want to know when did you start to play the bass guitar? Was it easy for you to learn bass? 

I started when I was 14. When you start it’s never easy but I was very determinated and I got used to the big frets and fretboard pretty quickly, my first teacher was pretty happy, I remember that.

2. Playing on the bass for you is… Hobby? Job? Lifestyle?

It’s a life style first, it’s something I need for my sanity, to express myself. I’m a very introverted person and playing an instrument really helped me out a lot. Fortunately, I can say it’s also my job and I consider myself very lucky for that. I think one of the most important things in life is to do something you really love for a living; otherwise your life can easily be miserable. I found that with my passion for music.  

3. Who is your musical inspiration among bassists?

Cliff Burton first, but there are also phenomenal bass players nowadays in any music genre. In my opinion, the more open minded we are, the more we will learn and grow as players, no matter what instrument you play.

4. Do you play any other musical instruments? If you start to learn another one which would you like? 

I play double bass, I used to study at the Classic Conservatory in Genova (Italy) back in the day. I also play, and love, guitar and some drum.

5. Musical instrument with which you can be associated with is… 
Bass Guitar

6. Tell us about the projects in which you participate?

Before Gemini Syndrome, I played with many bands in Europe. The list is very long and I’ve toured everywhere in the old country. I always played bass in any band or project I’ve been part of besides one time, where I was playing guitar. The name of that band was 2000DS, from Wales. I also recorded an album as a guitar player with them.
Right now all of my experience and focus is for my band Gemini Syndrome. I have been part of it since the inception. We have a record out, “LUX,” and we are getting ready for the second one with a lot of excitement.

7. What do you feel on live performances? How friendly and open are you with your fans?

I feel the energy of the people, It’s something magical, every time is different and I cannot really find the words to describe it, it’s the magic of music.
I always find the time to meet and talk to fans after every show, they are the reason why I’m on stage. Without them I’m no one.

8. What do you like except music? Can you imagine yourself in other areas of life? 

When I’m not touring or playing, I enjoy staying home. The best way for me to recharge myself is staying with myself. It might sound weird, but it’s true.  

9. Maybe other bass players or those who start to learn bass are reading this article now. Let’s talk about technical stuff. Which brand do you prefer? Does quality of music depend on the guitar’s brand or of the skill of the bass player?

I’m endorsed by Ernie Ball Music Man, Ashdown amps, Darkglass, and Jim Dunlop. Those are my favorite companies of all times. I worked hard to get their attention, and finally, the privilege to be part of their roster.
Quality of music is a combination between the skills of every member in a band, this is undeniable, after that the quality of the sound has a very important role as well. I can honestly say that without the right gear you cannot get the sound that you are looking for. One thing is for sure, it’s a lot of work and you really have to have a clear vision about what direction to take.

10. And the last question is about your musical dreams and plans. What are you planning for the future? What are you dreaming about? What should we wish for you?

Playing, playing, and playing again. We want to take Gemini Syndrome to the next level and be able to reach as many people as we can with our music and message.
We are working hard for that and we will keep working harder and harder.