Go Nakabayashi

Go Nakabayashi, the US, Japan


1. For the first question we want to know when did you start to play the bass guitar? Was it easy for you to learn bass?

I start playing the bass when I was 14 and it was kind of easy to getting into because I was always humming the bass lines from the music that I was listening to. But funny I’m still learning everyday. Lol

2. Playing on the bass for you is… Hobby? Job? Lifestyle?

Uhh.. It’s a hobby and a job. It depends on the situation.

3. Who is your musical inspiration among bassists?

I usually inspired by the drummer or the other part. But if it’s among bassists maybe Verdine White from EW&F, Louis Johnson from brothers, Johnson Stuart Zender from Jamiroquai. Haha funny no rock bassist… it’s all about the groove to me.

4. Do you play any other musical instruments? If you start to learn another one which would you like?

I actually start with the drums because of my dad was playing and play guitar as well. I use keyboard to write I mean just programming and stuff but I wish I can play piano real-time.

5. Musical instrument with which you can be associated with is…

The drums and the main melody.

6. Tell us about the projects in which you participate?

I’m currently not with any projects. Just doing some studio sessions and writing music. So let me know if you need me. lol
7. What do you feel on live performances? How friendly and open are you with your fans?
Pleasure and excitement. I’m pretty open to people. Not just to fans.

8. What do you like except music? Can you imagine yourself in other areas of life?

Cooking and golfing!! Haha.

9. Maybe other bass players or those who start to learn bass are reading this article now. Let’s talk about technical stuff. Which brand do you prefer? Does quality of music depend on the guitar’s brand or of the skill of the bass player?

I fall in love with MTD basses but guitar brand doesn’t matter. You should use what you like and someday that becomes your character. I believe the bassist need good skill especially good sense of time or I should say the groove. That effect big time. Bass is like a base of the house. Lol

10. And the last question is about your musical dreams and plans. What are you planning for the future? What are you dreaming about? What should we wish for you?

That’s a tough one. Maybe I just want to play with bunch of real musicians and get that great feel on the stage. I like performing live because you can not fake it like at recording. If I can share the time with a lot of people and get goosebumps together. I will be a happiest person in the world. lol