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Catherine Falcon (born 15 listopada 1992) is European make-up artist. She has been fascinated by the aesthetics of the human body from a very young age, especially in the sphere of alternative beauty. Catherine works with models, photographers and musicians on various projects and in a wide range of make-up styles. Her work has been featured on catwalks, alternative photoshoots, fetish balls, tattoo fests and in music videos. She is also an aspiring tattoo model and she is learning to be a tattoo artist.

Catherine About Herself

Catherine Falcon: „I was fascinated by make-up since I was a child. I have always been passionate about drawing and the fine arts. The aesthetics of the human body have fascinated me since I was very small and the way makeup can work in conjunction with natural beauty to enhance or transform the characteristics of the human body. I guess I took my love for the fine arts and began looking at the human body as a canvas. The difference was that I could paint a different picture on the same canvas every day.”





Model, Photographer, Make-Up Artist. See Catherine Falcon as a model.


Catherine Falcon works with models, photographers and musicians on various projects. Get to know her even better.

Work on Herself

Passion, desire, inspiration, darkness, perfection, sense of taste. What do you feel when you look at her?

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Interview with Catherine Falcon Make-Up Artist

I would like to do more work in the film industry and in fashion. I am moving to London and my plan for the next three years is to triple my clientele. Long term-wise I want to put out my own line of makeup and to continue to be freelance so that I can also pursue my ambition to be a tattooist. My goals keep changing but always in the way of growing

My two staunchest weapons have always been a good reputation for work ethic and creativity. It’s always been my aim to astound. A ta-da moment! That has served to spread the word about my work. Also the social network has been a big part of it. It is a matter of luck if you choose to try and promote your work there but it has worked for me.

My favorite part is bringing out emotions and life experiences through the surface through makeup. For that purpose I need to know my clients and exploring them is always a great experience. I love feeling that you get knowing that they feel sexy, beautiful and confident because of your work. You feel like you’ve really done something worthwhile.