What Winter Was Like

„Being a musician can be quite expensive. We’ve already been negotiating with some of the best producers in the world but we need your help to complete our upcoming CD! With your support we can share our music the way we envisioned. Every little contribution helps reach that goal and we love and appreciate you for being there… much love!”


Lucid Fly – Means to an End

Lucid Fly – What Winter Was Like

Lucid Fly – Waiting

„Collaboration is always something we are open to. It’s fun and challenging and it brings in a whole new realm of sounds and possibilities…which is very exciting to us! Right now we would love to collaborate with a team of producers/engineers who can help us grow artistically and creatively, and whose ideas help capture the sound and vision we are going for with our new music. We want to push ourselves further than we ever have in the past – and we want to create something that has to be ‘experienced’, something that grows on the listener and has longevity.”

„There are a couple songs that I wrote in memory of my mother, that hold a special place in my heart. One is a song I wrote back in 2004 titled “All Her Right” – it was one of those songwriting experiences where all the lyrics and dynamics just came out organically. So far it’s only been played acoustically, but I would LOVE to record it! The other song “Alohum” is off our EP “The Escape Stage” and is about how our memories keep people alive and you never really have to say goodbye. The songs written at or about pivotal times in my life tend to hold the most meaning and power.”

About Lucid Fly


Loyal fans describe their music as „epic”, „dark”, or „post-industrial”, “heavy rock with strong and at the same time vulnerable vocals”; some say their sound is “like Evanescence meets A Perfect Circle” …

Lucid Fly founders Nikki Layne and Doug Mecca joined forces in Orlando, Florida in 2001. On the hunt for the perfect name, a friend stumbled over an old newspaper with a headline that read “Lucid Flies Into The Record Book”, featuring an article on astronaut Shannon Lucid, who had broken the record for the longest duration in space by an American, as well as by a female. From that headline, Lucid Fly was born. The band exploded onto the Orlando music scene and quickly gained a large and devoted following. 2005 saw the release of their debut EP, Adapting To Gravity.

After playing venues all over Florida and the southeast for a couple of years, singer Nikki and guitarist Doug saw it was time to head out to California to win over the West Coast. In L.A., they teamed up with bassist Go Nakabayashi, who quit a successful, signed band in Japan to pursue his dream of making it in the US. In 2007, the band released a second EP titled “The Escape Stage” which has received stellar feedback and has also continued to grab audiences attention and widen their fanbase.

Lucid Fly’s sound has always been about constant evolution. They have spent the last few months working on new material for their upcoming full length album. Their songwriting is more powerful than ever! The band will be hitting the studio to record in the fall/winter of 2012.

The word is spreading, and their mission has only begun… stay tuned!!





We would like to give special thanks to our amazing fans, we call our friends, for all of your patience, enthusiasm and feedback with our 3 latest single releases! We appreciate our new and longtime fans who have supported and joined us on this musical journey that is…Lucid Fly  Music is discovered and shared best by word of mouth and we couldn’tdo any of this with each and every one of you! Much Love!

Nikki Layne


Also, to any new supporters… please check out our newly revamped website, new merch and sign up for the mailing list there if you dig the music! You can find us here:

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Adapting to Gravity

Adapting To Gravity

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The Escape Stage

The Escape Stage

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