Black Lodge is American industrial – rock band founded by Johnny Royal in 2012. They premiered the first music video Never Clean in May 2013 and released self – titled EP in October 2013. Now fans which called the Coven wait for the first full album The Diary of Tomahawk. This is the story of modern witch and her journey from usual “normal” life to unexpected world of dark magic.

It has begun in Never Clean music video and continues in Drag and Thankful music videos. Black Lodge founder and lead guitarist/synthesist Johnny Royal explains for Bloody disgusting:

In chapter 2 [Drag] of The Diary of Tomahawk, we begin to see the storyline unfold a lot more. Key characters are revealed and the nature of who they are begins to be seen. Tomahawk stumbles into a ritual being conducted by a coven of witches who are a part of The Great Lamia. During the ceremony, the Grand Master of The Great Lamia, Breviculum, is seen invoking the spirit-birth of the demi-god, The Raven. Tomahawk is given an ancient Akkadian-Sumerian celestial map and is offered the choice of finding out who she really is and where she is descended from.

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Lucid FlyLucid Fly founders Nikki Layne and Doug Mecca joined forces in Orlando, Florida in 2001. On the hunt for the perfect name, a friend stumbled over an old newspaper with a headline that read “Lucid Flies Into The Record Book”, featuring an article on astronaut Shannon Lucid, who had broken the record for the longest duration in space by an American, as well as by a female. From that headline, Lucid Fly was born. The band exploded onto the Orlando music scene and quickly gained a large and devoted following. 2005 saw the release of their debut EP, Adapting To Gravity.

After playing venues all over Florida and the southeast for a couple of years, singer Nikki and guitarist Doug saw it was time to head out to California to win over the West Coast. In L.A., they teamed up with bassist Go Nakabayashi, who quit a successful, signed band in Japan to pursue his dream of making it in the US. In 2007, the band released a second EP titled “The Escape Stage” which has received stellar feedback and has also continued to grab audiences attention and widen their fanbase.

Lucid Fly’s sound has always been about constant evolution. They have spent the last few months working on new material for their upcoming full length album. Their songwriting is more powerful than ever! The band will be hitting the studio to record in the fall/winter of 2012.

We would like to give special thanks to our amazing fans, we call our friends, for all of your patience, enthusiasm and feedback with our 3 latest single releases! We appreciate our new and longtime fans who have supported and joined us on this musical journey that is…Lucid Fly  Music is discovered and shared best by word of mouth and we couldn’tdo any of this with each and every one of you! Much Love!

Nikki Layne

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Socionic is an American, progressive, hard rock band formed in Los Angeles, California by singer and songwriter Michael Meinhart in 2008.

The band was originally formed as a multi-media studio side project in 2008 by Michael Meinhart while he was performing with other bands around Los Angeles. The project has since developed into a full band with the addition of members Matthew Denis (bass) and Lior Dar (drums) and has played shows all around Southern California and up the West Coast opening up for other acts such as Fear Factory and Jonathan Davis.

After the completion of a set of demos titled „The Ogden Project”, the band enlisted the help of producer Rhys Fulber, known for work with Fear Factory, Front Line Assembly, Megadeth, Mudvayne, Delerium, Mindless Self Indulgence and Paradise Lost, to begin work on an EP. The album, entitled „Identity” was released on October 16, 2012. Fulber’s experience with industrial and ambient music played a big role in shaping the production and sound of the album.

In February 2013, the album received acclaim from Music Connection Magazine by receiving 8/10 stars and citing “Stellar performances, rich production and an ability to craft multi-level, Tool-like tunes that would improve any sci-fi/horror soundtrack.”

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Catherine Falcon Make-Up Artist

I would like to do more work in the film industry and in fashion. I am moving to London and my plan for the next three years is to triple my clientele. Long term-wise I want to put out my own line of makeup and to continue to be freelance so that I can also pursue my ambition to be a tattooist. My goals keep changing but always in the way of growing

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Kate Loran was born on July 28, 1990 in Kiev, Ukraine. She is a photographer who enjoys french musicals, movies, books, arts, music and more. She believes that art is a thing worth sharing.
Kate has always been interested in the arts. She attended figure skating & sopilka (Ukrainian folk instrument of the flute family) classes when she was a child. She also went to an acting studio and played in school theater during her teen years. In 2004, Kate played in “Romeo and Juliet” and in 2005 received the role of Queen of Seas in the “Little Mermaid”.
In 2005, Kate also attended the sports school „Dynamo” where she took épée fencing lessons for two years. Later that year, following her love for sci-fi, she became a member of ukrainian Star Wars fan-club „Circle of The Force.” Thus for a few years years she attended trainings of both olympic fencing and marital arts, based on historical European swordsmanship and eastern marital arts.

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Gregory Deck is a French actor and musician. He was born on August 18, 1986 in Lomme, in northern France. Shy and introverted, as a child he preferred sports like judo, basketball, football, table tennis and others, over music and artistic professions. Gregory discovered his musical talent when he was a teen, and started joining different vocal ensembles at the age of 15, along with continuing general and business studies.

In 2008, after working in trade for some time, Gregory decided to dedicate his life to music and stage. He worked as an animator in clubs in the South of France and in Corfu, Greece, and then entered EF2M music school in Tourcoing, France. In late 2009 Gregory gained a role in a show for children called “Les Jouets Magiques” (Magical Toys), and toured with them for more than a year. In the beginning of 2010 he joined the blues-rock group North & South for a few shows.

And in September of 2010, after four month of auditions, Gregory became a part of the troupe of the rock musical “Dracula, L’Amour Plus Fort Que La Mort” (Dracula, Love Is Stronger Than Death) by Kamel Ouali, where he played Sorci, a young and seductive androgynous vampire. The show won Globe de Cristal in 2012 as the best musical.

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