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Have you ever stopped breathing while you are listening to music? Your breath stops, the rhythm of your heartbeat belongs to the music and the voice and the song controls your mind. Even when song ends you are still under the spell of it. If you never have felt these feelings and want to try – just check out Identity by Socionic.

This is EP of the alternative progressive rock band from California. Originally formed as a multi-media studio side project in 2008 by vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Michael Meinhart while performing with other bands around Los Angeles. The a broader concept took seed with the completion of a set of demos entitled „The Ogden Project”, and the inspiration to continue to expand expression through music and other mediums. The project has since evolved its dynamic power and potential with the addition of members Matthew Denis (bass), Billy Graczyk (guitar)  and Lior Dar (drums). You feel their magic from the first second to the last but you can dig deeper to the magic of Socionic if you go to youtube channeland check out them art video. Their dark art beautiful are stunning!

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Emphasizing the use of visuals and multi medium art creation, Socionic partnered with artist Valp, Maciej Handrich (known for working on Pendulum, Immersion and Knife Party cover artwork), to develop of concept album of visual artworks to accompany each song on the „Identity” release. Two of the six song artworks, „Epiphany” and „Ignorant Idiot” were later featured in Advanced Photoshop Magazine issue 111, July 2013, and issue 116, November 2013 respectively.

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Socionic is an American, progressive, hard rock band formed in Los Angeles, California by singer and songwriter Michael Meinhart in 2008.

The band was originally formed as a multi-media studio side project in 2008 by Michael Meinhart while he was performing with other bands around Los Angeles. The project has since developed into a full band with the addition of members Matthew Denis (bass) and Lior Dar (drums) and has played shows all around Southern California and up the West Coast opening up for other acts such as Fear Factory and Jonathan Davis.

After the completion of a set of demos titled „The Ogden Project”, the band enlisted the help of producer Rhys Fulber, known for work with Fear Factory, Front Line Assembly, Megadeth, Mudvayne, Delerium, Mindless Self Indulgence and Paradise Lost, to begin work on an EP. The album, entitled „Identity” was released on October 16, 2012. Fulber’s experience with industrial and ambient music played a big role in shaping the production and sound of the album.

In February 2013, the album received acclaim from Music Connection Magazine by receiving 8/10 stars and citing “Stellar performances, rich production and an ability to craft multi-level, Tool-like tunes that would improve any sci-fi/horror soundtrack.” The review would later qualify the album for the Top 25 New Music Critiques of 2013 in the publication’s December, 2013 issue.

The band approaches music with a style of progressive and layered arrangements, using instrumental dynamics, time changes and layered production. Their composition style ranges from tradition rock arrangements to longer less conventional arrangements containing ambient interludes. While mainly using guitars and drums they also integrate elements of industrial music by adding electronic elements such as synthesizers and samples to song production. The vocal style is often dynamic, ranging from whispers to aggressive singing techniques.

Band Review

Tool. That’s the first thing I thought when I listened to the first track of Identity by the band Socionic. Straight up Tool.
Not like, “Hey man, you’re a tool”. But “Man, I love that band Tool”.
This was before I even looked at their Facebook page and saw that they stated that Tool was one of their influences. The comparison really comes out in their music, and that’s strange. Usually, the comparisons don’t add up. Like a band says they sound like Circa Survive and actually sound like a chorus of angry cats. Just because you have a high voice doesn’t mean you are Circa Survive.

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Band Review

Los Angeles based alternative rock and progressive metal band Socionic is the answering the call for artistic expression through musical composition. Taking the artistic presence of music to an extended level, their album Identity, released October 2012 has been carefully constructed to stimulate your mind through both audio and visual effects, intended to be experienced together. Likened to, and inspired by Alice in Chains, Tool and Nine Inch Nails, Socionic “release passion and power, blended with the diversity and detail of a crafted symphony”, incorporating brutally beautiful elements to create an indulgent experience of semi psychedelic vibrations that run through your body.

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Band Review

If you are a hard rock/progressive/metal junkie (like myself), then Identity by Socionic is your new fix. Los Angeles based Socionic is dope (I first wanted to say amazing but then I felt that was too cheesy and cliche). Identity is a work of art. A passionate exploration of identity through abstract visual and aural stimuli. Not only does this band create great music, they also have some amazing art. Drawing inspiration from bands such as Tool, Alice in Chains, Nine Inch Nails, and The Deftones, Socionic creates a symphony any metal-head. This is my new favorite album. Go grab your copy.

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Amazing Interview with Michael Meinhart from Socionic made by Shanti

July 15, 2014

We have good news for fans of Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Deftones and Alice in Chains. The American alternative progressive rock band Socionic has fresh great sound for you.Check the art videos and listen to Identity on Reverbnation.

SocionicShanti: When we prepared for this interview we read some of your interviews for other sources and you told that you search a place of balance between promoting and creating. Did you find it?

Michael MeinhartIn today’s new music industry, it is very difficult to strike the right balance between promotion and marketing, and creating. It’s something I’ve definitely struggled with in the past and it remains a challenge today. Obviously creation is the whole center of art and what this project is all about, but at the same time we want to get the word out about our creation and connect with others. As proud as we are of the creative efforts that we pour ourselves over, it somehow seems a shame if no one else would experience it. That may sound a bit egocentric or misguided given that I also believe in creation and expression as a necessity for personal discovery and growth, but the fact is, that connection fuels and inspires more effort and exploration. Not to mention it is our dream to eventually be able to connect with people in person by going on tour all over the world, which requires some of the business side.

To get back to the question, however, I don’t think I have yet found it myself, but I am certainly closer than I have ever been. I’ve resolved to creating and expressing in more diverse ways such as blog and journal writing, as well as other more visual explorations in addition to music, and want to do so on a regular basis. It’s been a concerted effort for this year to try and publish more content that falls within the voice of Socionic such as the blog. At the same time, we are writing more quickly than in the past and I hope to continue on that path as well.

Chat with Michael Meinhart of Los Angeles-based progressive rock band Socionic.

„As a reflection of the path and ideal that we try to follow, we want to encourage people to consistently and objectively seek to broaden perspective to allow for growth and understanding in all facets of life.”


Read more about inspiration, process of writing songs and more.

Variation of approach is something that we would really like to explore in the near future. Taking abstract ideas and mental architectures and using instruments and production to translate the ethereal concept into a song.


Socionic’s „Epiphany”, Subba-Cultcha finds the bands source of enlightenment

With the aid of acclaimed producer Rhys Fulber (Fear Factory, Frontline Assembly, Megadeth, Mudvayne, Delerium, Paradise Lost)  Socionic released their debut album “Identity”.  Subba-Cultcha spoke with Michael to find out more.





A new album waits on the horizon.

We need your help to make it happen!

Our Past and Future

It’s been a little while since we released our debut album, „Identity”.  In the time since, we’ve been exploring various areas of creativity including a couple music videos and a string of shows all over the West coast.  We’ve strengthened the lineup of the band, and with our new found collective creativity, we’ve been, most importantly, writing new songs.  The songwriting process over the last year has really diversified and developed for us resulting in an expanded sound and approach to creation.  It has yielded very pleasing and articulate results and we are incredibly excited to give life to these new creations by recording them and letting everyone hear what we’ve been doing.

Which brings us to the process of recording.  Since the inception of the project, it has embodied the spirit of independence and self sufficiency.  This has enabled us to be experimental and creative in all ways from music to artwork to business.  This mantra enables the potential for limitless creativity and is quite an exciting approach to take.  However, independence also finds us responsible for all the non-creative endeavors involved in the business of creating music and delivering it to the people with which it connects.  A big part of that responsibility involves the cost of producing music and all else it takes to run a successful band.  That’s where we need your help.

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What We Need and How You Can Help Us

We’ve done our research and reached out to our friends and connections in the production world to line up the studios, equipment and talent that we need to realize the vision that is this album.  Even in the age of technology it takes a budget to execute each step of the process up to the level of professional quality.  Which is why we are running this campaign, to get your help in maintaining the quality and creative vision to which we aspire to make music and art.

It is the relationship with our fans and friends that makes this creative journey so fulfilling and inspiring, and with this campaign, more than ever, you can be a big part of that process by enabling the creation of more music.


Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you aren’t able to help by financially contributing, you can still help us out by telling friends and family about us and sharing the details of this campaign all across your network.  Every little bit helps in reaching our goal, and making this new album a reality.  Each link shared is more awareness for what we are doing and a chance to spread the word.

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What it means for us and our future

As mentioned, we plan using this campaign to fund the creation of a new album, which includes time in the studio for drums, guitars, bass and vocals as well as the mixing and mastering of the tracks when they are completed.  We will also use budget produce artwork for the album by working with Valp, the album artists behind the “Identity” artworks as well as create new merchandise for the release.  If we meet or exceed our goals, funds will be used to produce music videos, more merchandise and promotion.

As a stretch goal, if we exceed the the costs for the previously listed items, we will use funds for tour support so that we can get out on the road again next year.  Many of you have asked when we will be touring and getting out to more cities.  It is something that we can’t wait to do and with success in this campaign, it will bring us that much closer to meeting everyone in person and realizing that dream of personally spreading our music from the stage.

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This campaign and new album creation is a new experience for us and another step in our creative and collective evolution. In the possibility of today it is truly a reality for a creative group such as ourselves to exist and operate independently and devoid of resistance and regulation.  Our entire world exists between ourselves and the relationship with you, those who connect with this music and the philosophies from which it derives.

Album Review: Identity by Socionc

Prodigal is the one I would start the record with. The intro draws you in with sharp guitar hits and a heavy bass riff. The premise is right up my alley – discussing the mind numbing and brain washing clutches of organized religion. The grating line of “you’re only what we let you be” stings with the cut of experience. It’s that perfect blend of personal narrative and hard lined suggestion: look at me; look at you – this is what I think ; what do you think.As with the other songs again, I’d like to get more of Michael without effects. There’s intensity there that is too easily blanketed by vocal processing


Socionic, Elixir On Mute & Others Play ‘Progressive Underground’ Show At King King

Following that great After set, it was the turn of Socionic, billed as the headliners of this event and once again featuring the talents of Matt Dennis who pulled double duty on bass at this show with Socionic and After. Compared to the other three bands in this lineup, Socionic had more of a visual element to their show through the usage of horizontal light strips lined up either side of the drumkit (as seen in the photo above), and the lighting patterns went in sync with the music being played on stage, enhancing its impact to an extent.



Michael Meinhart

Michael Meinhart

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Lior Dar

Lior Dar


Matthew Denis

Matthew Denis


Billy Graczyk

Billy Graczyk


Check out Mo Meinhart – Makeup Artist and Creature Performer